Welcome to the American Eagle Foundation Blog!

The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) hopes you will find this Eagle Blog informative and helpful!

Our Eagle Blog editor is Bob Hatcher.  He retired March 31, 2001 from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) after 23 years as the Coordinator for Non-game and Endangered Species.  He began Tennessee’s bald eagle nesting recovery program in 1979, when Tennessee had had no successful nests since 1961.  He has coordinated or been involved in the release of 337 young bald eagles at 7 Tennessee hack sites from 1980 through 2011, when more than 180 young fledged from at least 110 successful nests.

Bob assisted AEF President Al Cecere in the formation of the AEF in 1985 and is a long-time supporter and adviser.  Since April 2001, Bob has responded to eagle inquiries submitted to AEF.

We invite your inquiries or comments within this blog concerning any eagle-related subject.  From the AEF home page, click on the Eagle Blog icon at the bottom of the page, and follow the posting menu.  If you prefer a confidential inquiry and response, rather than posting on this publicly viewed blog site, you may submit your inquiry to EagleMail@eagles.org.

We also hope you will help us support the mission of the AEF, which is dedicated to protect the majestic Bald Eagle, the U.S.A.’s National Symbol, and its habitat by supporting and protecting eagle and environmental recovery and education programs.

—  American Eagle Foundation

About American Eagle Foundation

The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) is a not-for-profit organization of concerned citizens and professionals founded in 1985 to develop and conduct bald eagle and environmental recovery programs in the United States and to assist private, state and federal projects that do the same. Our goal is to fully restore the bald eagle to America's lands and skies and to "Build A Nest-Egg" for their future care and protection.
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