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AEF’s Captive Breeding and Hacking Status, 2012

The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) has experienced another good season of captive breeding and releases of bald eagles from its Douglas Lake hack site.   The total of seven bald eagle releases included: A bald eaglet hatched in a wild nest … Continue reading

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To Watch An Eagle Fly – {Haliaeetus leucocephalus}

Submitted By Warren Young; Alberta, Canada    The adult American bald eagle is unmistakable in appearance.  It is a striking creature possessing a fierce profile with sharp penetrating yellow eyes. Little wonder it was chosen as America’s national bird symbol back in … Continue reading

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The Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge – Hot Spot for Wildlife Viewing

“Hiwassee is the best place  in Eastern North America to see cranes”.  This was recently proclaimed by Melinda Welton, Co-Chair of the Crane Festival, which is scheduled for January 14 – 15, 2012 at Birchwood, TN.   Hiwassee is located NE … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Challenger!

Challenger, the non-releasable free-flying bald eagle of the American Eagle Foundation, is celebrating his 22nd birthday this week.  He hatched in Southern Louisiana on or about April 13, 1989.  See more details our recent Eagle Blog, “What is Challenger’s birthday?”

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AEF Bald Eagle Captive Breeding Status

Bald eagles are experiences one of their best captive breeding years at the American Eagle Foundation (AEF) of Pigeon Forge, TN.  Six bald eagle pairs have produced 14 eggs, of which 12 could hatch after 35 days.  The eaglets will … Continue reading

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When is Challenger’s Birthday?”

You have probably heard about Challenger.  He is a non-releasable Bald Eagle cared for by the non-profit American Eagle Foundation (AEF).  He was blown from his Louisiana nest in a storm in 1989, when 3-5  weeks of age.  He was … Continue reading

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Eagle Speakers Bureau

Are you looking for someone to present an eagle or bird of prey program to your group?  The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) maintains a listing of qualified presenters who can provide informative programs in an entertaining way.  The State listings … Continue reading

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