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AEF’s Captive Breeding and Hacking Status, 2012

The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) has experienced another good season of captive breeding and releases of bald eagles from its Douglas Lake hack site.   The total of seven bald eagle releases included: A bald eaglet hatched in a wild nest … Continue reading

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The Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge – Hot Spot for Wildlife Viewing

“Hiwassee is the best place  in Eastern North America to see cranes”.  This was recently proclaimed by Melinda Welton, Co-Chair of the Crane Festival, which is scheduled for January 14 – 15, 2012 at Birchwood, TN.   Hiwassee is located NE … Continue reading

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How do the feathers of bald eagles molt and change color?

During the first year of a bald eagle’s life, its feathers go through a series of feather molts and color changes.  Silky down feathers at its hatching are gradually replaced by stronger flight feathers by the time they can  first … Continue reading

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Life History of Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles have an interesting life history, from the time the eggs are laid until the time they are fledgling from their nest, finding food to survive, mating, starting the life cycle all over again. The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) … Continue reading

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Nesting Season For Eagles

In Tennessee, eagles in the wild typically start laying eggs Feb. 15 – 28. Our eagles at the American Eagle Foundation lay eggs about a month later. A flurry of nest-building activities precede egg laying – and then we anxiously … Continue reading

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Florida Eaglet Taken To Artificial Nesting Tower On East Tennessee Lake

Pigeon Forge, TN — The non-profit American Eagle Foundation ( has announced that a Bald Eaglet hatched from an egg rescued last December from a lighting tower nest at the Orioles’ spring training ballpark in Sarasota, Florida was recently transported … Continue reading

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